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Center for Assessment and Reading Education (CARE)

Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Director
Ms. Diana Stout, CARE Graduate Teaching Assistant

care Pictured, left to right: Jeannie Cole, Classroom Teacher; Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Director of Center for Assessment and Reading Education; Gwen Harris, Classroom Teacher; Dr. James Brewbaker, Secondary English Program Coordinator

The College of Education's Center for Assessment and Reading Education CARE, established in 1999, is a teaching library that offers students and faculty:

  1. Access to appropriate-level materials and software
  2. Assessment instruments and reading technology
  3. Other CARE resources that teacher candidates and in-service teachers use to complete their course assignments, field experiences, clinical work, reading diagnoses and intervention strategies.

The center's state-of-the-art resources that enhance classroom teacher training have been secured through grants, partnerships, contributions by the College of Education, Department of Teacher Education, vendors (e.g., Lakeshore, Modern Curriculum Press, AGS Publishing University Alliance, Super Duper), and the Child Resource and Referral Center. Selected recent acquisitions are included in the following table.

Selected Recent Acquistions Description
SRA First Reading Laboratory A Division of McGraw-Hill This is a supplementary reading program providing phonics-based word games, sight-word reinforcement, and a plentiful quantity of easy practice reading at the pre-primer, primer, and first reader levels.
Quick Reads

Pearson Learning Education
A Research-Based Fluency Program. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Ph.D. Appropriate for Grade 2.
Reader's Theater Script

Lakeshore Publishers
Students build fluency skills [word recognition; appropriate reading rate, expression, and comprehension] as they read engaging stories aloud. Appropriate for Grades 5-6.
Auditory Memory High-Interest Quick Stories

Super Duper Publications
Curriculum-Based Stories for Science and Social Studies. Appropriate for Grades 1-8.
We Both Read

Treasure Bay, Inc.
We Both Read is the first series of leveled books designed to invite parents and children to share the reading of a story by taking turns reading aloud. The "Shared Reading" innovation invites parents to read the more complex text and storyline on the left-hand pages. Children are encouraged to read the right-hand pages, which feature less complex text and storyline. Appropriate for Grades K-3.

Reading aloud is one of the most important activities parents can share with their child to assist them in their reading development.

Several COE faculty members and administrators have tested the series with their children or grandchildren with great success! Both read and both enjoyed the experience.