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"Since reading is the foundation for all learning, to improve a child's reading ability is to improve his or her overall academic achievement."
--Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, CARE Founder

Who we are

The College of Education's Center for Assessment and Reading Education, CARE, is a teaching library for students, teachers and faculty. The Center offers a collection of children's literature, as well as a variety of instructional, diagnostic and reference resources for elementary reading assessments, instruction and interventions.

The library offers books that facilitate interdisciplinary connections with language arts, science, math and social studies. Resources are also available for faculty, teachers and students in Special Education, ESOL and middle school.

We are located on the First Floor in Room 1060 at Frank B. Hall.

Our Mission

The Center's mission is to support undergraduate and graduate students as they participate in their reading, language arts and children's literature coursework, as well as their lab experiences. CARE also supports faculty teaching these courses by offering resources and equipment to enrich their curricula.


Dr. Sallie Miller established CARE in 1999. Under her direction, the Center provided teacher candidates and in-service teachers with extended opportunities for Service Learning. They learned about, applied reading assessment and intervention tools, and received training to offer effective diagnoses and appropriate interventions. Children in the community reading below grade level were the recipients of these services. Follow-up records and research documented participating children's reading improvement.

CARE also held book fairs, training workshops and informative presentations that involved Teacher Education students and faculty, in-service cooperating teachers, and the communities.

The Center's resources have been secured through grants, partnerships, contributions by the College of Education, Department of Teacher Education, and selected vendors (e.g. ETA Cuisenaire, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill).


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