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Basil Conway

Assistant Professor of Secondary Mathematics Education

Basil Conway


Basil Conway

Position: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Office: Frank Brown Hall 3351
Phone: 706-565-1411

Office Hours

Monday 9-11 Jordan Hall 118
Wednesday 9-11 Jordan Hall 118
Thursday 4-5pm Frank Brown Hall 3351


Auburn University, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO, Master of Science in Applied Statistics

Auburn University, Master of Science in Mathematics Education

Auburn University, Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics Education

Specialty Area

Mathematics and Statistics Education


My current research in mathematics education has focused in two areas. The first has been in reducing the opportunity gap for students who are traditionally underrepresented in advanced mathematics courses. My second most current research area has focused on the use of the dual internship model to promote a professional learning community between teacher candidates and the master mentor teacher. I have served in two parts with this model and am collaborating with three other universities nationally to highlight the impact and risks of such placements. 

My research interests in the education of mathematical content focus in statistics.  My current research relates to the use of the Statistical Reasoning Learning Environment (Garfield and Ben-Zvi, 2008) to increase students’ ability to reason statistically and increase affection toward the subject. My most recent work in statistical content has been at the elementary level developing students understanding of distributions and variation. My statistical interests from my Master’s in Statistical Science at Colorado State University are in the use of benchmark assessments to predict and monitor student achievement through the use of discriminant analysis and multivariate statistics.

I have worked as a public school teacher and community college instructor for the last 10 years and 6 years respectively.  My first two years working in post-secondary education were spent at Jacksonville State University. I enjoy attending to learn more about others work in mathematics education while also presenting my own research to improve teacher, teacher education, and administration practices at the local, state, and national levels.


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