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Teach to Columbus

Teach to Columbus (TtC) is an ongoing project that involves collaboration with Columbus, GA public schools and Columbus State University (CSU). The design and scope of the project is responsive to the need to encourage leadership development in CSU’s teacher education program, encourage student voice in the creation and implementation of creative lesson planning, and encourage community engagement through the encouragement of high school students who have future aspirations of working in the field of education.

Donor Resources

All donations to Teach to Columbus will be disbursed directly to the schools and students who participate in the project. Your financial contribution is key to supporting the continued success and implementation of the project. We thank you in advance for your support! You can either donate online using the button below or call us at 706-507-8945.

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Teach to Columbus

Special Announcements/Events

To learn more about how you can support this project and help raise $5,000 to engage students in the community, click here.

Voices from the Project

Contact Info

Dr. Jim Rubin
4225 University Ave.
Columbus, GA 31907